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The Attic Room

"[The Attic Room] is an interspecies exploration of memory that lightly, but evocatively, illuminates something very human."

--Fringe Shorts

Video Coming Soon!


An intimate dance story of escape and desire reveals the thin line between resignation and hope. Images unfold through sharp dancing and poetic text in a space filled with the forgotten memories of the past.



Links Hall


Minnesota Fringe Festival

Atti Room 1
Attic Room 29
Attic Room 26
Attic Room 24
Attic Room 21
Attic Room 19
Attic Room 16
Attic Room 11
Attic Room 3
Attic Room 4
Attic Room 6


The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

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