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March 7-8, 14-15

Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

3035 N Hoyne Ave

RE|dance group premieres its second new work post-Covid and its 17th evening-length work since 2010.

Created in collaboration with Artistic Director Michael Estanich and the company of six dancers, A Delicate Hand is an abstract reflection of connection, relationship, and nearness. Grounded in the examination of the ecosystems in our lives, the work considers both the macro (fate, destiny, human impact) and the micro (touch, impulse, guidelines) as systems that affect our choice-making. A Delicate Hand highlights the unrelenting and ever-flowing propulsion of bodies through space and time. The dancers attune themselves to varying timelines of intensive physical dancing, athletic partnering, and deeply intimate connections. An installation of delicate light towers frames the dancing and creates an otherworldly environment.

A Delicate Hand will also feature an original sound score composed by Mark Burns. Mr. Burns previously collaborated with RE|dance group on Lucy Vurusic Riner's What the Moon Pulls in 2019.

Sarah Holmes Villanueva Dance

Guest Choreographer, March 7-8

The March 7-8 performances will feature Sarah Holmes Villanueva Dance from Cleveland, OH. Sarah will be sharing an excerpt of Supernova - an exploration of light and vibration. Supernova is both a meticulous and chaotic study of patterns in the body, space, light, and sound. This work integrates LED lighting as part of the set, to create other-worldly kinesthetic experiences for the viewer. The LED lights will create geometric shapes and patterns in the space that complement or enhance the geometric shapes Sarah creates in her choreography, as well as contrast her opposing tendency for flow and release of energy.

kt williams

Guest Choreographer, March 14-15

March 14-15 features kt williams, an Oak Park native, who returns to Chicago after several years away. williams will premiere “| | \” (pronounced three), a trio that emerged from a question about feral joy: what is it, and how do we truly allow ourselves to experience it? The process slowly evolved into a practice of doing less and surrendering to passionate flow. “| | \” journeys through the intricacies of structure into the fluidity of liberation. “| | \” grows into a collaborative reflection of joy, transforming tension to flow and reckons with cyclical patterns of uncertainty. It is a reflection and celebration of us being together in this short, transitional chapter of our lives.

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